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Classical Music Not Being So Classical Anymore???

2010-08-19 22:56:21 by Lightningpichu

So is it just me or has the "classical" section in the audio portal become more of a soundtrack section?? And im not saying some soundtrack isnt classical but anything thats instrumental does not make it classical! Ive posted instrumental songs in the pop section many times because a genre can be instrumental without being classical. The music at the top of the classical list (in scores) is good, but i dont feel a classical sense to it. I feel like classical has become "instrumental". There is a HUGE HUGE difference between modern classical and soundtrack. And there is definitely a bigger difference between classical and instrumental rock or instrumental pop. I just dont like what im seeing. Everthing at the top of the list literally sounds the same. Never do i see a "concerto" posted. Never do I see a score for a concert band, or even a traditional orchestra. Everythings got to have a special sound to it or its bumped to the bottom instantly. The classical stuff isnt even the stuff that makes it into the top classical! What kind of craziness is that?! its insane is what it is.


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2010-08-19 23:28:17

The best place these soundtrack/film scores fit with is the classical section. Pop is an extremely broad term- and is moreso something that fits something you would hear on the radio, and if the piece is mainly orchestrated it's moreso rooted in contemporary classical music opposed to pop even if it has a simpler compositional structure than true classical. Who sets the bounds on what genres can contain or not anyway? It certainly doesn't help that NG's genre list is not specific.

Here's some classical artists that you may want to check out: